Virtual Airline Data Feeds

Our scheduling solution for Virtual Airlines provides you with real, accurate, and up-to-date data for your airline. With over 600 real world airlines airlines and counting. Our solution opens up countless possibilities for you and your VA.

Updated Frequently

All our schedules are updated every 30 days. To ensure that all data is as accurate as possible, we are forever collecting new data into our archive. With a current growth rate of 7 million new records every 30 days, we have a total schedule count of several million.

99.9% Accuracy

We can confidently say that our Airline Schedule packs are incredibly accurate, but we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy due to the fact the data  is collected from external sources. We can, and do continue to make continuous improvements on anything you may find to be incorrect.

Multi-System Support

Our schedule data is compatible with all the major Virtual Airline Management systems, such as phpVMS, VAMSYS & VAOS. We also offer a solutions for customised platforms.

Support Offered

We also offer complete support when it comes to importing and managing the schedules in your specific system. For example, we have created custom SQL scripts which help to import our schedules into the phpVMS system.

What data can you expect?

Each Virtual Airline Management software requires the Airline Schedules in a slightly different format, with varying pieces of data. Because of this, our solution is completely customisable to suit your needs. Our data currently includes the following:

Airline Information (Name, IATA & ICAO)
Flight Number
Flight Callsign
Departure Airport Information (Name, IATA, ICAO, Country, Latitude & Longitude)
Scheduled Departure Time (Zulu & Local)
Arrival Airport Information (Name, IATA, ICAO, Country, Latitude & Longitude)
Scheduled Arrival Time (Zulu & Local)
Scheduled Flight Time
Flight Schedule (Days of the week flown)
Aircraft Information (Name, Type, Registration & Serial Number)
Flight Distance (Km, Mi and Nm)
More data coming soon

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